Dr. Beddow at Broome Optical

Dr. Beddow grew up in a family of Iowa farmers. He considered pursuing a career in farming. Then he thought about becoming a dentist. Finally, a scholarship opportunity to attend the University of Houston brought him to Texas and set him on the path toward optometry (which he decided would be “less messy” than a dental career). Today Dr. Beddow has more than 50 years of experience in eye care and, with Broome Optical, helped develop the largest optometry practice in the Texas Panhandle. Dr. Beddow loves to travel with his wife, Leona, and has been to all 50 states on his motorcycle. He hopes to be remembered as “an old man who had a good practice” and someone whose heart and soul was dedicated to Broome.

Dr. Beddow | Broome Optical of Amarillo